Rebecca Stockholm

Hello there, internet friends, my name is Rebecca! I live in Nashville with Stevie, my husband of eight years, and our five-month-old son. I’m actually British, but grew up in the States. I spent a few years back in England after college. Someone once described me as “a little bit hippie, a little bit rock and roll,” Which is 👌🏽. Beneath the tattoos and purple hair is a girl who just wants to putter around in the garden and watch her honeybees fly in and out of their hive.

I was raised in a Christian home, and I remember desperately wanting to be “good enough” for God to not punish me. I saw God as some kind of cosmic hall monitor, waiting with a clipboard and a wary eye for me to do something wrong, so He could “discipline me” for it. After being wounded by a few Christians, I walked away from my faith during my college years and became agnostic. I believed there was a God, but I didn’t want anything to do with Him. I think deep down, I didn’t believe He wanted anything to do with me.

One Christmas while in England, a friend wanted to go to a carol service at a church. I was hesitant but agreed when I was informed they would be serving mulled wine. What can I say? I was in a place where “free booze” really spoke to me. At that service, the pastor did a short devotional in which he said, “If you don’t remember anything else from tonight, I want you to remember that God is nice, and He likes you.” As simple as it sounds, this rocked my world. Through a series of steps, I came face to face with the Lord in a powerful way, experiencing Him like I never had in my whole life.

You’re wounded? I get it. You think God is out to get you? I’ve been there. You just want to have a good time and hope to find something or someone along the way that will make you feel complete? Friend, I hear you. But let me tell you that there is nothing I’ve experienced that comes CLOSE to the feeling of the deep and enduring peace and hope that is found in Jesus. He DOES love you! And no, you’ve not done “too much” for Him to want you! I serve a God that is nice, and He likes you. He wants to spend time with you. Come join me in getting to know Him better.

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