Nicole Newson

My name is Nicole Newson! I am a “military brat,” so when asked where I am from I can either give the short answer of “everywhere,” or the long answer that documents every location I’ve lived because we moved every two to three years growing up. I have been married to my college sweetheart Wesley for thirteen years! We have two of the most adorable and sassy little girls aged 2 &4 which means our days range from super sweet to wild and crazy;) I will be a regular contributor here at @my.hearts.treasure
Many would describe me as a complete open book! This was not always the case for me growing up due to my dysfunctional childhood and family life. As I’ve gotten older transparency is something I take very seriously in my life and in my relationships with others because my life is a testimony to God’s love, forgiveness, and grace that only HE should get the glory and honor over.
My passions include my family, mission work, community service, and writing. I have been on about five mission journeys with another one planned for 2019. I enjoy blogging about my life as a mom, wife, friend, and child of God. I also have a deep love and passion for children’s stories. I am in the process of writing and stepping out on faith to move beyond just the dream of publishing children’s books to actually publishing children’s books one day!
I am excited about this journey together- growing, being transparent, and praying that God’s Ultimate Will be done in our lives and those around us.

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