Legon Roberson

My name is Legon and I live in Jackson, TN with my husband, Dustin. We’re both social workers, and I love sharing our passion for serving others with him. I love to travel, watch Duke basketball, and eat all the Los Portales that I can. I am a contributor and co-creator of @my.hearts.treasure and I’m stoked to share this space with you all! You can find my personal page @legonroberson ⠀⠀
I’ve known who Jesus is my whole life, but I came to know Him personally when I was 16 at FCA Camp. I knew that God wanted me to serve Him in ministry somehow, and when I went on my first mission trip to Boston, I found my purpose – to serve others and make Jesus known all over the world. ⠀⠀
For the last 4 years, I’ve worked at a nonprofit that helps people who are in poverty. This work has pierced my heart and led to a deeper calling to love people in the hardest of places. As I’ve searched and studied Scripture, I’ve been reminded time and again that God’s heart truly is for the poor and broken, and this has only deepened my desire to work in this way. My hope is that the more we study the Bible, the more we engage in serving with the poor.

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