Leah Beth Grubb

Hey y’all! My name is Leah Beth Grubb. True to the double name – I am a southern girl born and raised. I love to travel and am always ready for a new adventure. My favorite adventures include a road trip and lots of mountains! I am a firm believer that chocolate should be dark and coffee even darker. I recently graduated college with a degree in communication. I now serve as a Campus Missionary for the APSU BCM. #LetsGoPeay
I have loved Jesus since I was a little girl. That love turned into something much more the summer I turned 15. I went on my first mission trip and have truly never been the same since! It was in the Dominican Republic that I stood in a lightening storm and finally surrendered my life to the Lord. As the rain poured over me, I promised to follow wherever He led. The past seven years have been full of many ups and downs but I’ve never once regretted that promise.
Walking in obedience to Him has led me to serve in 7 different countries and multiple states. Some would say that I have a heart for the nations. I think it’s less about my love for missions, though, and more about a desire for more of Him. I just want to be wherever Jesus is. Walking in obedience isn’t always easy. While He has led me to some really beautiful places, we’ve also walked together in some really hard places.
There is no place I’d rather be than in obedience, though.
To be honest, prayer has always come much easier for me than scripture reading. There have been many dry seasons where I’ve fervently prayed to desire the Word. As time has gone on, the Lord has answered those prayers. He has given me a hunger to know more about His Truth. Although I am far from what you would call a ‘morning person’, days started with an open Bible and fresh coffee are now my fav.
As we begin this journey together, please know that I’m still praying those same old prayers. I’m praying that you and I have a desire for His presence and a passion for His Word.

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