A Thrill of Hope

I have to admit: December really snuck up on me. This year has felt like a whirlwind - moving to our house, transitioning to a new church and small group, a graduation, new job schedules, new friendships, a completely new job, two new nephews were born, and looking at the future for what our family... Continue Reading →

Time to Trim the Trees

I was sitting on my couch sipping coffee and taking some time to rest this week when I looked outside our front door to see a crew of men cutting down a tree in the yard across the street. Since we moved to Memphis, I have noticed that our street has lots of trees and... Continue Reading →

Bug Lessons in the Wilderness

Today's Blog is shared from Leah's Blog "Chasing Light" and you can follow along with her blog here. Evergreen trees, the Rocky mountains, starry nights – these are just a few of my favorite things. I’m a wilderness gal, through and through. At least that’s what I’ve always thought… This summer I stepped into a vastly different... Continue Reading →

The Heart Work is Hard Work.

I love college students. It's no secret. That's why I love my job! There's something about the energy that they bring and the depth they desire as they grow in their walk with Jesus. As a student mobilizer, I have the honor of getting to know students, hearing how God is moving in their life... Continue Reading →

From Old To New…

I’ve always found the Old Testament tedious and difficult to understand - even when I was in my Old Testament class at Union, and while there are still times that I don’t understand it clearly, I’ve been reading it this time with fresh eyes. I’ve tried to read with a lens of finding Jesus in... Continue Reading →

The Journey Continues

Hello Friends! On July 1, 2018, our team started an instagram page to grow a gospel community that would encourage women of all stages of life to study scripture daily and to serve the Lord with their gifts and passions. We had a NT reading plan that we would read through together and post daily... Continue Reading →

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