A Thrill of Hope

I have to admit: December really snuck up on me.

This year has felt like a whirlwind – moving to our house, transitioning to a new church and small group, a graduation, new job schedules, new friendships, a completely new job, two new nephews were born, and looking at the future for what our family will look like – it hasn’t slowed down at all. While the majority of this years change has been great, it has still left me a bit weary.

In the midst of changes within my own little family, I’ve watched as the world has experienced so much: injustice, natural disasters, mass shootings, a refugee crisis … the list could go on and on.

The world is weary, too.

Reflecting on that has led to zeroing in on one particular song this Christmas and it is resonating with me on a deep level: “Oh, Holy Night”. One part stands out in particular:

“… A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices …”

I look at what the world was experiencing when Jesus came … a cruel, power-hungry leader who was trying to remove any threats (including baby boys) to his kingdom. Many were experiencing poverty and slavery and injustice. The world was weary then, too.

Yet then came Jesus – “the thrill of hope”. Jesus’ birth brought the fulfillment of the promise that God had spoken of through His prophets throughout the Old Testament. It was because of the promise of His coming that people had hope. While Jesus didn’t come into the story as they expected, He ultimately became the Savior who would ransom us and set us free from sin.

That same hope that Jesus brought to the world so many years ago is the same hope we can cling to today.

When I grow weary, the reason I have hope is because of a tiny baby born in a stable in Bethlehem. Though this time of year is often full to the brim with busyness and little time for rest, I am reminded in the midst of it all of the thrill of hope that exists – Jesus.

As we go into this season of Christmas, I encourage you to take time to dwell on the reason we have to celebrate. Hope has come, friends, and we don’t have to wait to embrace it!

This post was written by Legon Roberson. Read her bio on our team page.

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