The Journey Continues

Hello Friends!

On July 1, 2018, our team started an instagram page to grow a gospel community that would encourage women of all stages of life to study scripture daily and to serve the Lord with their gifts and passions. We had a NT reading plan that we would read through together and post daily devotions to go with each day’s reading.

We quickly knew that this would grow to more than just an instagram page. Do you know how hard it is to condense the Lord’s teaching through his word into a 2100 character instapost?

We have a team of women who desire women to have the word of God hidden in their hearts and we are coming together to share what the Lord is teaching us as we read along with you.

Whether you have been with us since July 1 or you’re just finding us, we WELCOME YOU with open arms to jump right in with us as we dive further into the New Testament through the end of the year.

But don’t let it stop with just reading along – we want you to join in on this journey with us! We see throughout scripture that God has created his people for his purpose and we want you to find a place to be a part of God’s work – starting here in this space! So feel free to comment and share what God is doing in your life and share this page with your friends so they can join along too. Just over the course of a couple of months, we have received beautiful words of encouragement from sisters around the globe who are following along and have been touched by the reading of God’s word and we want that to spread to the ends of the earth.

Feel like God is stirring something inside of you that you want to share? PLEASE DO!! We have a Contact Page listed above where you can send us a message and we want to hear EVERYTHING!! And if what you’d like to share is something that you’d like for us to feature on our page – that’s what this community is all about!! If you find yourself struggling with something, know that this is a safe space where our team would be honored to pray with you so leave those prayer requests on the contact page as well.

So, Welcome to the My Heart’s Treasure Blog!! We’re so glad you’re here and we hope that this is a place where you are encouraged to dig into God’s word and you are empowered to move forward in steps of faith in pursuing your place in God’s Kingdom Work!

Love, Caseywaves

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